SWN: Ad Astra

The Necklace

Ad Astra Session One

January 20th, 3100. Novy Rome, Alcipel, Olorne system.

Dmitri Rotislav contacts the group with a job offer: make sure Katya Zacharov can't effectively testify against one of the Semya's business partners. Killing her would be one way, but ruining the evidence she is supposed to present is also effective.

Alexandra traces Zacharov to Malenkiy Omsk, a mining town far to the north. It is bitterly cold, and the crew resolves to get this job done quickly. Asking discreetly around town they discover Zacharov is holed up in a love hotel, trying to keep a low profile until she is due to testify. As it is late on a Friday, they have three days to switch the data on her flash drive.

Adamo and Leonidas combine forces to hack into the love hotel's security system, taking control of the cameras that aren't there (of course not, we would never!) to spy on Zacharov's room. Sharp eyes spot the flash drive around her neck as she sleeps, and they make a plan to fake their way into the room. Masquerading as a 'complimentary meal,' Alexandra, Kat  and Celeste get into the room, while the WitSec Guards attempt to rebuff them. While the Guards are distracted, Kat uses telekinesis to tug the flash drive from Miss Zacharov's neck and send it quickly out in to the hall, where Leonidas recovers it at takes it back into their room. He and Adamo begin copying it's contents, while the girls formulate a plan to get the drive back into the room. 

Once copied, Alexandra knocks on the other door, in order to apologize, she tells the Guards. Great, but not interested, they say, shutting the door on her. A quick flick of the wrist, however, and she has the flash drive on the floor of the room. Using the live feed to guide her power, Kat uses telekinesis again to put the drive on the floor next to the bed, where it will be found in the morning. 

Returning to Novy Rome, they assure Dmitri the data has been thoroughly corrupted, carefully omitting the part where they made a copy. Over the course of several days, Adamo and Leonidas crack the encryption on the data, uncovering financial records and a few other personal files. One of which appears to be orbital photography of a spacecraft, sunken near a reef. The telemetry on the photographs put the ship on Kitalin, in the Lamelam system two drills away. 


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